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Lifespan Adjustment Project
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   Nov 11, 2019    New York Times Getting a Handle on Self-Harm
   Aug 9, 2019    ScienceNews Are researchers asking the right questions to prevent mass shootings?
   Aug 1, 2019    Academic Rankings of
   World Universities
Ohio State Psychology ranked 12th in the world
   Nov 27, 2018    The Columbus Dispatch Ohio State study shows brain changes in girls who self-harm
   Nov 15, 2018    Ohio State News Brain changes found in self-injuring teen girls
   Nov 13, 2018    Medical Press Brain changes found in self-injuring teen girls
   Nov 13, 2018    Medical Life Sciences News Research highlights physical changes in the brain of self-injuring teen girls
   Oct 25, 2018     The Lantern Cold weather may bring seasonal depression, mental health professionals advise
   Aug 24, 2018    Academic Rankings of
   World Universities
Ohio State Psychology ranked 13th in the world
   June 21, 2018     Healthline  How ADHD affects my son and daughter differently
   May 3, 2018    Interactive Autism Network Not on the same page: When families and doctors differ on autism
   Feb 7, 2018     The Daily Post Kids' ADHD diagnoses spark realizations among parents
   Nov 16, 2017    U.S. News & World Report Calm parents help calm kids with ADHD
   Nov 16, 2017    Credit Card News ADHD can cause financial distress in adults
June 21, 2017    OSU Media Trait impulsivity and developmental psychopathology
   Jan 1, 2017    Oxford University Press Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, 3rd ed., released 
   Jan 1, 2016    Oxford University Press Oxford Handbook of Externalizing Spectrum Disorders released 
   Apr 1, 2013 WSU researcher hopes AP guidelines help dispel myths about autism
   Apr 1, 2013    WSU News Getting autism right: Dispel Newtown massacre misreporting
   Jan 1, 2013 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, 2nd Edition, released
   Feb 1, 2010 Some kids hurt themselves to feel better
   Mar 18, 2009     Science Daily Brain abnormality found in boys with ADHD
   May 4, 2009     USA Today  More parents share the workload when mom learns to let go...
   Sept 11, 2008     PhysOrg Cause of conduct problems among girls appears to be different than in boys
   Sept 4, 2008     Bay Area Reporter Legal status good for relationships...
   June 15, 2008     New York Times  When mom and dad share it all...
   June 10, 2008    New York Times  For insights into healthy marriages, social scientists are looking in an unexpected place...
   Mar 10, 2008     Seattle Post Intelligencer Fighting with mom can be dangerous to your health
   Mar 5, 2008    LabSpaces Mother-daughter conflict, low serotonin level may be deadly combination
   Mar 5, 2008    Science 2.0 Study: Negative mother-daughter relationships, low serotonin lead to destructive behavior in girls
   Jan 22, 2008     American Psychological Assn. Research finds equal level of commitment and relationship satisfaction for same-sex and heterosexual couples
   Fall, 2007     CHDD Outlook Nicotine, dopamine, and behavior disorders
   June 28, 2007     Seattle Times Secondhand smoke may affect brain of fetus
   June 28, 2007    Science Daily Mothers' second-hand smoke exposure linked to psychological problems for kids
   June 6, 2007 Second-hand smoke exposure for pregnant mothers linked to psychological problems for children
   July 10, 2006    University of Washington TV Brain science as a means of understanding delinquency and substance abuse in youth
   June 20, 2006     Medical News Today  Physiological markers for cutting, other self-harming behaviors by teenage girls found
   June 16, 2006     Science Daily Physiological markers for cutting, other self-harming behaviors by teenage girls found
   Aug 1, 2005    Girlfriends Magazine  Civil Behavior...
   Jan 6, 2004     USA Today  Vermont's civil unions mostly affairs of the heart...

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